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The Bottom Five Reasons Austin is a Top Spot for Business

Enough already! Gosh, you are embarrassing us. In case you missed the latest flattery directed at Texas, watch CNBC’s Scott Cohn from the campus of UT Austin announcing the winner of their Top States for Business 2010. This comes hot on the heels of Kiplinger’s announcement that Austin is the Best City for the Next Decade. Not to be left out, I’ve decided to jump in with:

The BOTTOM five reasons Austin is such a fantabulous spot for launching, running and prospering a business.

(Note, these aren’t unimportant reasons, just ones that don’t often make it to the top of the Chamber of Commerce list.)

1) Hundreds of thousands of Californians.

The Golden State has been sending us their best and brightest in waves for decades. Nearly 100,000 tax filers moved from California to Texas in 2008 according to the IRS, but this has been going on since I arrived in Austin in 1985 and discovered that most of my co-workers and clients had moved here in the previous five years, many from the west coast.

It was Californians who drove the growth of all of the really envy-inspiring Austin neighborhoods, as they discovered they could sell their two-bedroom bungalows in Oakland and afford a lake-side mansion below the wooded hills of West Austin. Today, I’m told Californians can’t sell their houses, but they keep coming anyway, dragging their expertise, their creativity and their companies along with them. And they’re being joined by thousands more Americans Swooping Down on Little Travis County, Texas.

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