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The One Millionth SXSW Guide for 2014

Gentlemen and gentlewomen, start your Prii. 

UT Austin at SXSW

Gosh, is it even possible to get a blogger foot in the SXSW publicity door? The whole thing is like a giant ballroom full of chicken dancers–everyone is having fun but nobody is holding your hand. I honestly don’t know what that analogy means, but here is the One Millionth SXSW Guide for 2014, selfishly featuring friends and alumni of McCombs School of Business.

Friday, March 7

Ubuntu Leadership: Leaders for a Connected Africa

Africa is on the rise, with a projected GDP by 2050 bigger than the U.S. and China combined, and a population that is young and anxious to experience economic and cultural growth. As evidence of that, their cell phone network already kicks our butt, but that’s another story. Enter John Kidenda, who graduated from McCombs with support from the African Leadership Bridge, a program designed to train the next generation of African Leaders. Kidenda will be joined by presenters Frank Aswani, Rick Reeder, and current UT Austin student Takalani Malivha.

Sunday, March 9

Should You Drop Out of School to Start a Company?

Short answer, it worked great for a small handful of people. Good luck! But seriously, Andrew O’Hara dropped out of the Texas MBA program to found Chiron Health, and he wants to tell you about “multiple perspectives surrounding…the value of staying in school for starting a company to dropping out to accelerate a career in entrepreneurship,” along with Cam Houser and Michael Gibson. Does anyone edit these session descriptions?

Big Data & Web Communities: Connect with a Click

Tying online activism to community organizing in order to achieve a better world. Gentlemen and gentlewomen, start your Prii. Luke Kyohere is a recent MSTC grad at McCombs and he just won the Austinpreneur of the Year for 2014, so listen up. He is founder of Beyonic Technologies, which helps businesses in Africa incorporate mobile-based bulk payments into their operations. He is joined by Asha Curran, Larry Irving, and Parker Harris.

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Digging Deeper on Social Media: Conversations Beyond the Basics

We have succumbed to the rat race of social media and forgotten its true purpose in our businesses – to build relationships.

Tim Hayden [right] of Blue Clover joined with a few social media colleagues, Chris Brogan, Jason Falls and Sam Decker, to host an “unofficial” SXSW conference at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, entitled Get Ready 2 Live (GR2L). Their goal was to carry the social media conversation to a deeper level than what they were finding at most of the SXSW sessions.

Everyone there seemed to share the same sentiment, that it is time to move beyond the “social media is great, everyone dive in” mentality, and explore the kinds of relationships we are trying to develop with others, and why those relationships are important.

Since I was too lazy to take notes, I’m delighted that Alicia Arenas of Sanera People Development Company prepared a very nice synopsis of the discussions.

Thanks Alicia for The Next Social Media Revolution. An excerpt here:

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