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Why Social Media Relationships Matter in B2B

It can bring great minds together, and give marketers daily opportunities to learn.

Aaron Strout
Aaron Strout of WCG

Social media is great for Coke, but what about JSR Micro? One has billions of thirsty customers worldwide, the other makes customized chemicals for a small cadre of high performance chip manufacturers. How much online socializing do you need when you can shake the hand of every one of your key customers during a two-day trade show?

Statistics gathered by Social Media B2B show that B2B firms have been slower to adopt social media and online marketing, with 36% of executives saying they had low interest in social media, and 46% believing social media is irrelevant to their company. “Nobody talks business on Facebook,” they say.

Aaron Strout, interactive group director at WCG, begs to differ. “It is actually easier to have one-to-one relationships with B2B customers, where you might know by name the 100 buyers who matter the most to your company,” he asserts.

In his view, social media need not be a high-numbers game, but can effectively be used to enable relevant interaction between a customer and the people within the organization who have value to offer to that customer.

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Using TweetDeck as a Simple Social Media Monitor

tweetdeckI have two monitors on my desk and TweetDeck runs throughout the day on one of them.

You are being talked about right now. Oh yes you are.

And if you happen to be General Motors, there are citizens of these United Interwebs talking about you all the freaking time. While there are numerous tools to monitor social media conversations, such as Radian6, I like the simple (cheap) solutions best. One of the most fundamental is using TweetDeck searches to keep tabs on certain topics of interest to me. I use several useful Twitter applications, but TweetDeck is the core of my Twitterverse.

So I was interested to see David Meerman Scott’s interview on Web Ink Now with Christopher Barger, social media director at General Motors. Scott, author of  World Wide Rave, wrote a critical blog post about GM in June 2009, which then received hundreds of tweets. GM’s social media team quickly responded (eventually turning the story positive) and Scott later asked Barger how the company had identified the conversation in the first place. The answer, a simple TweetDeck search for topics relative to General Motors.

While that isn’t particularly sophisticated (Barger explains the company uses other tools) it is a low-cost solution that gets the job done. That’s one reason I have two monitors on my desk and TweetDeck runs throughout the day on one of them.

So what is your favorite free or low-cost way to find out who is jabbering about you?