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Are You a Boss Who Drives Innovation, or Squashes It?

As Warren Buffett has written, it’s not until the tide goes out that you know who is swimming naked.

Make Us More Innovative by Jeffrey PhillipsThe new Texas Enterprise business and public policy news site just launched from The University of Texas at Austin, where Jeffrey Phillips, VP Marketing for OVO Innovation and author of Make Us More Innovative, recently discussed six archetypes or roles that senior executives play in fostering (or poisoning) innovation within their organizations.


The first role or archetype is the Visionary.  In this case think Richard Branson from Virgin.  He has big ideas about transforming a number of industries.  His is the public face of the company and he seems to be the motive factor in Virgin’s innovation efforts, yet he can’t possibly be an expert in so many different fields.  He has one belief — that he can bring the “Virgin” way to many different industries and force them to respond.


Brainiacs are often Visionaries but they themselves are also the source for many of the ideas that are implemented.  Steve Jobs is my archetype for the Brainiac.  He is the public face for innovation and I suspect the source for many of Apple’s ideas.  He leads a very top down driven innovation program and is active in the program as an idea generator, communicator and lead user.


There are many executives who understand that this is the best role they can play in their organizations where innovation is concerned.  Jeffrey Immelt at GE springs to mind.  He is constantly spotlighting work within the many divisions of GE that is innovative, and works hard internally to champion innovation, including providing funding for the efforts.  I don’t think Immelt is necessarily a Visionary and I’m relatively sure he’s not a Brainiac, but his efforts in Cheerleading are key to the changes and focus on innovation within GE.

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