Social Media Grab Bag for Higher Education Communicators

“Social media is an a la carte approach. Shop away,”

Drew CarlsHere are some handy social media tips from the experts at The University of Texas at Austin. Courtesy of Drew Carls, the university’s digital content coordinator. Drew oversees social media assets including the UT Austin Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Six Tips for a Perfectly Timed Facebook Post

To ensure your Facebook posts reach the most people, timing is everything. Here are some tips for getting it right.

Want a Better Social Media Strategy? Try Stealing One

Social media marketers should “steal from the best” when developing their strategies, Amy Kauffman writes. That means shopping around, keeping a close eye on what your rivals are doing and copying the best elements of their strategies. “Social media is an a la carte approach. Shop away,” Kauffman writes.

Five Steps to Getting to Know Your Own Brand

Implementing a solid social media strategy requires developing a deep understanding of what your brand stands for and where it’s going, Amy Kauffman writes.

“Get in touch with your brand. Only then can you begin to create fresh content and a strategy that you can rely on,” she writes.

Brands’ Facebook Reach Dropped 38 Percent After Algorithm Change

Brands saw the reach of their individual Facebook posts decrease by 38% following changes to the social network’s algorithm, according to a Group M study. Posts could be seen by an average of about 15.6% of a brand’s followers before the change and by about 9.6% of followers after the update, the firm found. The study also found that user-engagement rates on Facebook posts almost doubled after the change.

Google Plus Hangouts As Classrooms

Here’s a short video on Marketing Pilgrim about a class that meets through Google+ Hangouts.

The Four Ways Universities Are Using Tumblr

Emmanuel Quartey, Yale University, follows 18 universities on Tumblr. He breaks out the four ways these universities use Tumblr.

How Much Time You Spend on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Social media now accounts for 18% of time spent online, according to a new infographic. Since 2006, the amount of time that the average person spent on social-networking sites has more than doubled, from 2.7 hours to 6.9 hours per month. More people are using social media, as well. While only 24% of Americans had a single social-media profile in 2008, 56% of Americans do now.

What social media tips have you shared lately?


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