What is a brand?

“We need a brand strategy.”

Those five simple words have an amazingly complex meaning. Over the years, I’ve seen them lead executive teams almost anywhere, from a simple logo redesign to a full-scale restructure of their organization’s operational processes and outcomes.

And it generally begins with the follow-up question, “What is a brand?”

This simple slide presentation, What is a Brand?, is a good place to begin.

Other Branding Resources:


One thought on “What is a brand?”

  1. Hi David,

    Great post. In addition to “tell me what you mean”, I also advocate asking “tell me why.” I’m all for a brand strategy if it drives sustainable advantage for the business and benefits for the customer. I’m not so much into sizzle for sizzle’s sake.

    Thank you for quoting the gardener line – that made my day!

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