Media Guide: McCombs School of Business Researchers and Experts

Faculty members at the McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin, are expert commentators on various topics related to business and policy. The following individuals have shown a willingness to speak to reporters about their areas of expertise, however please understand they are not always available.

If you would like assistance connecting with a particular faculty member, or would like suggestions for an expert in a particular field, contact me.

Investment, Finance and Debt Issues

Sandy Leeds, CFA is a senior lecturer in finance, and he blogs on issues of national debt, finance and investment at Leeds on Finance. Examples of his commentary:

There is No Surplus Fairy for Social Security, Austin American-Statesman

Almost Half of U.S. Debt is Owned by Foreigners, Austin American-Statesman

The Subprime Crisis–Who is to Blame?, Speech to Texas Exes Alumni College

Lew Spellman teaches financial markets, with an emphasis on interpreting and analyzing current market and policy developments; and market trends. His blog contains video lectures on national and international financial issues. Examples of his commentary:

U.S. Sovereign Risk: Reality Bites, Video Lecture

The Smoke and Mirrors of the Greek Bailout Package, Blog Article

U.S. Sovereign Risk: Capital Safe Havens, Blog Article

Energy Management and Policy

Sheridan Titman is the director of the Energy Management and Innovation Center at UT, and he blogs on energy policy from a financial economist’s perspective at Energy Insights. Examples of his commentary:

Legitimate Claims for Oil Spills and Other Disasters?, Blog Article

The Gulf Oil Spill: View of the Financial Markets, Blog Article

What Does the BP Spill Mean?, Southern California Public Radio Interview

Entrepreneurship, Venture Start-Up and Technology Commercialization

Rob Adams is the director of Texas Venture Labs, and runs the Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (formerly Moot Corp). He is the author of If You Build It Will They Come? and blogs on entrepreneurship and new ventures at Dr. Rob Adams and for Inc. Magazine. Examples of his commentary:

Why Execution Intelligence is What Matters, Inc. Magazine Blog Article

Launching New Ideas, Video Interview for Risk Communities Channel

Global Moot Corp Competition, Article from

John Butler is the director of the Herb Kelleher Entrepreneurship Center, and director of the IC2 Institute, which focuses on technology commercialization. He is an author and lecturer on venture start-up; immigrant and minority entrepreneurship; and organizational behavior. Examples of his commentary:

Starting Your First Business Off Right, Article

Boom in African-American Entrepreneurship, Fortune Small Business Article

Creativity in Business, UT Video Interview

Jim Nolen is a distinguished senior lecturer in finance, and is a successful investor and member of the board of directors of three companies. He focuses on corporate finance; entrepreneurship; and mergers and acquisitions. Examples of his commentary:

Perspectives on the Economy, Notes from Alumni Business Conference

Timely Tips for Recession-Racked Entrepreneurs, Article

Is the Venture Capital Model Broken?, Knowledge-to-Go Lecture

Global Business, Off-Shoring and International Finance

John Doggett teaches and lectures on international entrepreneurship; global competition; and sustainability and energy. He leads MBA students on annual treks to China and India. Examples of his commentary:

The New CIA: China, India and America, Knowledge-to-Go Lecture

Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade?, Video Debate with Jim Nolen

Dell Makes Right Decision on Plants, Interview with KVUE News

Prabhudev Konana does research and teaching on global sourcing, supply chain management and online investing, among others. He is frequently published on topics of international business, finance and markets by The Hindu. Examples of his commentary:

Corporate Responsibility and Adulterated Capitalism, op-ed for the Hindu

Can India Shine?, op-ed for the Austin American-Statesman

India as a Knowledge Community?, op-ed for Frontline

Orlando Kelm is an associate director of business language education for the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). He focuses on topics of international business culture and language, and maintains a blog site with video interviews of executives from around the world. Examples of his commentary:

Global Trends from Beijing, Article for KNOW

Six Fundamentals for Language Learning, Blog Interview

Cultural Interviews with Chinese-Speaking Professionals, Video Series

National and Global Economy

Thomas Gilligan is dean of the McCombs School of Business and is an expert in economics and fiscal policy. He frequently speaks to public groups and reporters on the deficit, public spending and the state of the U.S. economy. Examples of his commentary:

Slow Recovery for Economy, Knowledge-to-Go Lecture

Global Economic Growth, University Lecture Series

Crisis Rooted in Global Budget Surplus, Breakfast Club Speech

Michael Brandl is an economist and an expert on global financial markets, banking and emerging markets. He hosts a popular blog with Macroeconomic Updates, and is a frequent guest on business news programs. Examples of his commentary:

Real World Economics, KNOW Video

Krugman’s Dismal Science, Macroeconomic Update

Inflation Worries?, YouTube Commentary

Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Leigh McAlister is a marketing professor with an emphasis on consumer behavior, marketing models and strategy. She has researched and taught on topics such as brand value and retail marketing. Examples of her commentary:

How Retailers Can Deal with Cherry-Picked Brands, McCombs TODAY Article

Pricing and Promotion, Academic Article

The Value of Marketing, Faculty Lecture Series

Vijay Mahajan is former dean of the Indian School of Business, and the author of The 86% Solution and Africa Rising. He has appeared on news programs around the world, talking about global markets, especially in Asia, South America and Africa. Examples of his commentary:

Africa’s Private Sector Flowers, BBC News

Africa Rising, Video

Challenges and Opportunities in the Developing World, TEXAS Magazine

Ben Bentzin is a former corporate marketer (including at Dell) who now lectures on the topic. His areas of focus include brand development, product marketing, social media and corporate communications. He is a frequent public speaker and panelist. Examples of his commentary:

Marketing Tactics vs. Strategy, ID University Article

The Longhorn Athletics Brand, ID University Article

Social Media, Texas Startup Meetup Panel Discussion

Raj Raghunathan studies theories from psychology, behavioral sciences, decision theory and marketing to explain interrelationships between affect and consumption behavior. His work has been cited in the New York Times and other publications. Examples of his commentary:

Buying Decisions Based on Logic or Reason?, Texas Enterprise Article

Do Consumers Levy a “Sustainability Penalty?,” Texas Enterprise Article

Healthy vs. Tasty, YouTube Video

Raji Srinivasan is a professor of marketing with an interest in marketing metrics and organizational innovation. She is a panelist and a commentator on a wide range of marketing issues. Example of her commentary:

Growth Strategies in Trying Times, Texas Executive Education Panel

Taking Advantage of Adversity, Texas Magazine Article

Tectonic Shifts in a Recession, YouTube Video

Public Policy, Law and Regulation

William Kinney is an expert on financial accounting and auditing. He is the editor of Accounting Review and is a member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Advisory Council. Examples of his commentary:

Should Government Exempt Smaller Companies?, Compliance Week Article

Kinney to U.S. Treasury, Public Testimony

From Classroom to Congress, YouTube Video

Michael Granof researches and teaches in areas of  accounting in governmental and other nonprofit organizations and financial accounting. He also addresses ethics in business and public accounting. Examples of his commentary:

U.S. Treasury Report Released to Near Silence, Texas Enterprise Article

Accounting for Bailout Banks, op-ed for The New York Times

Underfunded Pensions Leave Houston at Risk, KHOU News

David Spence is an expert in business and environmental law; government regulation; and public policy. He is a co-director of the Energy Management and Innovation Center, and he addresses energy topics from a legal and political perspective. Example of his commentary:

Can Leiberman-Kerry Bill Lead to Energy Reform?, Texas Enterprise Article

Strange Politics of the Financial Bailout, McCombs TODAY Article

Obama Budget Ramifications on Oil and Gas, NPR Interview

Management and Corporate Governance

Doug Dierking researches and teaches in areas of human resource management, leadership, organizational behavior, culture and workplace environment. Examples of his commentary:

Psychological Contract is Crucial During Downturns, Texas Magazine Article

Managing Across Generations, Texas Executive Education

Ethan Burris studies dispute resolution, decision making, organizational behavior and learning. His recent research projects focus on the issues surrounding employee “voice” in the organization. Examples of his commentary:

Why Employees Are Afraid to Speak Up, Texas Magazine Article

Debunking Four Myths About Employee Silence, Harvard Business Review

Managing Your Manager, Houston Chronicle Article

Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

Robert Prentice is a JD with a focus on corporate governance, regulatory oversight and ethical decision making. He is an expert on securities fraud, insider trading, the value of securities regulation, and is the founding chair of the Business, Ethics and Society department. Examples of his commentary:

Ranking Business Schools on Alumni Happiness, The Financial Post

Supreme Court Should Support Investor Protections, Texas Enterprise Article

Lessons Not Learned from Enron, McCombs Today Article

Julie Irwin is a marketing professor with a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. She is the director of ethics education at McCombs, and lectures on topics that include ethics, organizational behavior and decision processes.  Examples of her commentary:

Why I Do What I Do, Texas Magazine Article

Do Consumers Levy a “Sustainability Penalty?”, Texas Enterprise Article

The Spirit of Austin, YouTube Video

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