While Entrepreneur Education Lags, UT Austin is Named One of Fortune’s “Five Schools for Entrepreneurs”

News of the Texas Venture Labs announcement has made its way to Shanghai.

This has been a head-spinning week for entrepreneurship at The University of Texas at Austin, capped off by this bit of icing on the cake, the listing of UT as one of Five Schools for Entrepreneurs by CNNMoney’s Fortune Website, which claims that “the spirit of Michael Dell still haunts the campus.” I don’t know about the haunting part, but Dell does maintain close contact with students and faculty members here, most recently as part of the VIP Distinguished Speaker Series.

Of course the week’s big news was Wednesday’s announcement of Texas Venture Labs.¬†I just received a call from Cory Leahy (photo right, with husband Kevin), assistant director of communications at McCombs, who is in China with a group of MBA students. She tells me that news of the Texas Venture Labs announcement has made its way to Shanghai, where students were excitedly discussing the implications for E-ship and innovation at the b-school (which let us not forget is named after one of the great entrepreneurs in America).

E-ship at UT Austin is on the upswing at just the right moment, according to this article in Inc. Magazine, which states that the Texas Venture Labs announcement comes as a Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report shows U.S. entrepreneurship education lagging. Given the expanding interest in entrepreneurship among entering students, and the increasing interest in new venture start-up, despite (or because of?) current economic woes, lagging seems to be the opposite direction to take. As Dean Gilligan mentioned in his announcement remarks on Wednesday, America is not a low labor cost, low resource cost country, and entrepreneurial smarts is a vital ingredient for regaining a robust economy.


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