Alert: Watch Entrepreneurs in Action Tonight at Texas Moot Corp

You’ll come away inspired to start your own venture.

Last year I watched FocalPop compete in Moot Corp, and since then I’ve enjoyed watching them launch as a company. Ann Whitt, Moot Corp coordinator, reminds me that it is again time to watch a new batch of entrepreneurs prove up their business models against tough competition, and in front of a seasoned panel of experts.

Think of it as the original Shark Tank.

From their event announcement (rooms mentioned are in the McCombs School of Business GSB building on the UT Austin campus):

Come hear the latest new venture ideas coming out of UT Austin at the Texas Moot Corp Semifinals on Wed, Feb. 3 from 4 PM – 6:30 PM in CBA 2.202, CBA 3.202 and CBA 6.420. Twelve teams will compete in three divisions. A wireless non-contact vital signs monitoring system, a richer way to experience sports broadcasts on TV and a web portal for medical tourism are some of the ideas being pitched.

The top finishers will move to the Finals on Wed, Feb. 17 from 6:30 PM – 9 PM in the Legacy Events Room. Beginning at 4 PM on Feb. 17, a panel of previous Texas Moot Corp winners will share their stories and insights into the start-up process. This panel discussion, followed by a question and answer session, will cover topics such as raising venture capital and surviving in today’s economy.

Come cheer on your favorite UT team. You’ll come away inspired to start your own venture. For team information and presentation times, visit our website.


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