In Search of the Cherry-Picked Brands: Guide for the Savvy Retailer

“They’re paying you to carry the promoted product out of the store.”

Republished from McCombs TODAY.

Driving home from work I see the familiar sign, Walgreens has Blue Bell ice cream on sale for $4.99. My instincts tell me to swing in and pick up a carton or two. I have a firmly ingrained approach to ice cream, I rarely buy any brand other than Blue Bell, and I never pay full price. After all, I don’t really need to buy it, and the brand is regularly on sale somewhere, often at Walgreens. So I space out my purchases and buy when Blue Bell is marked down.

There’s a problem in that formula for Walgreens, because when I visit I don’t shop for soup, or chips or…actually, I can’t remember too much about anything else they have at Walgreens, I never look. I walk in the door, make a beeline for the ice-cream cooler, grab my purchase and head for the checkout.

I’m a cherry picker, a shopper who targets a retailer infrequently, only to buy a few promoted items when I do visit. These types of shoppers create a puzzle for retailers. They love the traffic that special promotions create, and don’t want to alienate cherry pickers, but wish they could find ways to better capture a wider share of their purchasing dollar.

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Cherry ice cream photo by Numstead.

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