Hoover on Forecasting Business Success by Observing Business Past

Entertaining video short features Hoover’s latest wisdom for entrepreneurs.

Gary HooverGary Hoover’s second-in-the-video-series on keys to successful enterprise is about the importance of Understanding Business History. His warning is that business people cannot react to the future while being oblivious to what has happened previously. “Almost everything has a pattern,” he asserts. “I’m not saying the answers are always going to be the same, but many of them are.”

Hoover believes that many entrepreneurs miss the huge trends because they don’t fit the daily news cycle. “Fortunes are lost, enterprises collapse and others are created, all because of these trends,” he says. Speaking of one trend, the aging of baby boomers, Hoover joked, “I see it in the mirror every morning. The clothing makers are all doing buttons, but hey, it’s going to be Velcro time pretty soon!”

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