Harlan Beverly Wants to Turn Engineers into Entrepreneurs

Beverly’s newest venture is Karmaback, a social networking rewards program.

Harlan Beverly, the founder of Bigfoot Networks, Inc., a gaming hardware company, has a new venture and a blog. What motivates him the most is the desire to turn “engineering type thinkers” into the best business entrepreneurs on the planet.

Beverly is an engineer with an MBA from UT Austin who enthusiastically believes engineers shine as entrepreneurs if they will embrace some basic business mojo. His blog postings cover everything from understanding motivation to how to endure cold calling (Hint: consider “no” a success.)

Currently he is microblogging from the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

From there he sends his top five tips for succeeding at a trade show:

Most of the engineers I know love to go to trade shows. It means a chance to slack off, drink beers and generally have fun. Once you move from engineering to business however, the game changes. Big time business deals take place here, and here are a few tips for dealing with the transition… How to DO trade shows once you are in business.


1) don’t drink AT ALL
2) don’t gamble (in Vegas). I struggle with this one.
3) set up meetings beforehand!
4) prepare hard for the meetings and bring demos
5) go to as many parties as you can, but see 1 above

You don’t have to be an engineer to benefit from his advice, which is mostly gleaned from the entrepreneurial school-of-hard-knocks.

Understanding Motivation

What is the role of friend/family recommendations? How do you make a buyer feel that they “won” when they buy your product?

What is Business, in Engineering Terms?

Business is simple, particularly if you think of it in three engineering-like steps: 1) Invest Resources, 2) Produce Intermediate Stuff, and 3) Exchange Intermediate Stuff. The weakest link?

Do You Have the Guts for Sales?

Beverly claims an engineer with the guts to go into sales has unlimited potential. But there are fears to overcome.

Beverly’s newest venture is Karmaback, a social networking rewards program. I’ll track him down for more information when he returns from Vegas.


3 thoughts on “Harlan Beverly Wants to Turn Engineers into Entrepreneurs”

  1. Thanks for the thoughts and nice words! I would like to see more Engineers in business… U.T.’s MSTC program and MBA programs are a great resource for this. I hope that people interested in business keep reading my blog and following me!

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