Wow, There are a lot of Social Media Experts at UT Austin!

Tim Hayden as sketched by Jason Molin

I know I’m one!

That’s a bit of a joke stolen from Tim Hayden, CEO of GamePlan, one of the presenters at yesterday’s Social Media Collaborative, who pointed out that EVERYONE seems to be a social media expert these days. His advice, ignore the expert advice, just dive in and figure out your role.

Experts or not, we did have a room full of about 100 staff members from across The University of Texas at Austin in the amphitheater at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, all of whom play some role in social media at the university. Many of us had not yet met, although we already knew each other as Twitter friends.

The day was made possible by Paul Walker, who is working in President Bill Power’s office on social media initiatives that impact the various schools, centers, museums and other institutions across campus.

Jason Molin, social media guru at the McCombs School posted his meeting notes along with whimsical sketches of many of the presenters. (Fortunately my presentation was together with Jason, so I escaped his doodling.)

Read Jason’s notes.

Twitter hashtag #UTSMC.


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