OUCH! Tracy Mueller on the Sting of Social Media Rejection

“That shattering sound you hear? Yeah, that’s my ego.”

Red T

No one will deny that as people explore the boundaries of social media interaction (that’s not me, I’m just following along) there are moments when “Social” can become distinctly unsociable. Blogger Tracy Mueller highlights one of the funnier examples of this in a post she calls Social Media Rejection.

Mueller relates:

Twitter’s new lists feature offers users a much-needed way to organize who you follow and group them into custom categories. And since you can see what lists others have placed you in, it’s also a fascinating and useful way to see how other tweeters think about you or your brand.

I discovered this rather rudely when I checked to see what lists our business school account (@UTexasMcCombs) were included on. Most people listed us under categories you’d expect—MBA, business school, colleges, Austin, UT.

But one list name stood out above the rest, a glittering display of social-media brute-force honesty:

“Ignore but not unfollow”

That shattering sound you here? Yeah, that’s my ego.

Mueller’s five lessons to learn from being snubbed by Twitter lists are well-considered. While I’m sure that all of the nearly 4,000 people and/or Twitter-bots that follow me are passionately interested in my every pronouncement, there are times when I have my suspicions that not all of you are listening as attentively as I wish.

I’ll go drown my sorrows at the next Austin tweetup. That’s a shout-out to @LaniAR who just sent me a nice direct message about the event that seemed genuine. I’ll add her to my Colleagues list on TweetDeck. Now isn’t that polite of me?


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