Daily Archives: February 17, 2010

More Entrepreneurial Grab Bag: Moot Corp and Other Tidbits at UT Austin

Is it any wonder my head is spinning? Here is more fun stuff going on…

  • Didn’t get invited to TEDxAustin this Saturday, Feb. 20th? No worries, all the cool people are watching the live feed and talking about it on Facebook and Twitter. Here is how. Tickets were hard to come by, with less than 300 seats available in the KLRU studios, and lots of people were left wishing for a chance to participate. I did get a ticket (can I sell this thing on Craigslist?) but I’m seriously considering staying at home and watching the live feed, because the feed page lets you discuss speakers via Twitter or Facebook while they speak. Being a bit ADD I would enjoy that. So if you didn’t get a TEDx ticket, lets get together on the live feed page this Saturday. [The feed is possible thanks to Shannon Chapman at the McCombs Executive and Working Professional MBA programs at McCombs. Is an MBA in your future? See Shannon.]
  • Fast Company says you should start a company in Austin. Lots of good bragging details, but wait till you hear what Rob Adams is cooking up at The University of Texas at Austin. His public Continue reading